Case Study 2

Shayne Irish & Chad Muir – Background

Our clients are an Australian couple relocating to Vanuatu for employment purposes. Our clients’ aspiration is to retain their house property in Australia and invest into residential property in Vanuatu.

The problem

We needed to intelligently structure the Australian loan to a level commensurate with Australian rental income and release sufficient capital for a realistic deposit on the Vanuatu property.

Our solution

We searched 30 lenders in Australia to source the most appropriate financing package for a self-sustaining residential investment property. In addition, due to our intimate knowledge of Vanuatu, we sourced well priced funding in Vanuatu and provided expatriate advisory services to assist with the couple’s assimilation into Vanuatu.

What they said

‘Gayle was fantastic in organising our finance to purchase our house in Vanuatu and refinance our house in Australia.’
‘We have been so fortunate to have met Gayle and we couldn’t have done it with her.’

Shayne Irish & Chad Muir